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ADVANCED LITHIUM POLYMER BATTERY  AGES has partnered with one of the world’s first solid-structure lithium battery companies.  Individual cells have no liquid or gel electrolyte and, as a result of the integration of the electrodes, the cell impedance is reduced by a factor of 10 over competing technologies.  This reduced impedance enables discharge rates two to three times faster than has previously been possible, which in turn, for example, will now enable distributed energy storage in high power density environments like data centers finally to become feasible. These batteries have been evaluated by a number of Fortune 100 companies which have confirmed their performance characteristics.  AGES has been working extensively with several of these companies and has created a unique, AGES-branded Battery Back-Up (BBU) solution, which is a combination of this battery technology, other AGES-sourced technologies, and a proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) developed by AGES Labs.
ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS “ESS” – AGES partner has developed proprietary technology to create a utility-scale Lithium Polymer based Energy Storage System (utilizing managed battery arrays) ranging from 1kWh to 1mWh.  One of the single greatest impediments to the adoption of alternative energy technologies has been the inability to store large amounts of electrical energy for release during times of peak demand.  The company has completed the design and development stage and the first large (1mWh) system has been grid-connected and is currently operating for a major utility customer in the U.S.  In addition to applications for fixed installations, this breakthrough technology combines large scale storage with mobility.  In areas of the world without uniform utility grid availability, units can be easily trucked from areas of supply to areas of demand.  Additionally, areas with mature grid presence are now able to build alternative energy plants that are in off grid locations.  This allows for lower cost development of the plants and, given the mobile nature of the ESS, energy can be transported and sold, thereby, substantially decreasing the cost of generating the energy. 
FIXED AND FLEXIBLE SOLAR TECHNOLOGY AGES engaged with a unique provider of low cost flexible solar panel technology.  The unique production process developed by this company has resulted in the most electrically efficient, commercially viable flexible solar panels yet demonstrated.  These products are exciting as they contain no glass, but rather a moisture resistant polymer barrier that results in a lightweight, flexible, impact and hail resistant energy collector.  AGES is using this technology in several proprietary products;  other companies and developers are designing other products incorporating these flexible photovoltaic technologies into fabrics, thus facilitating integration of solar panels into awnings, tents, and canvas products. 
WATER PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY  AGES has partnered with an innovative technology with capabilities of purifying high flow rates of water using “Electro-precipitation”.  A truck-mounted, portable process applies an electric current through a reaction chamber that is specially configured to remove specific contaminants such as acids, organics and organic particulates, metals, metal salts, bacteria and radioisotopes.  The technology is already being utilized at several North American mining sites.  AGES has an exclusive license with this company to arrange for the manufacture, sales and distribution.
SUSTAINABLE FISHING TECHNOLOGY This unique technology materially enhances the sustainability of the world’s commercial fisheries, and enhances the effectiveness and profitability of trawling fleets.  Utilizing sensitive cameras, low-power LED lights and soon, AGES revolutionary battery technology, the system withstands the temperature and pressure extremes of deep-sea trawling and allows an operator to visualize and identify what is entering their net.  The video transmitted to the trawler from up to 5000 feet deep is analyzed by proprietary pattern recognition software to alert the operator that an unwanted catch is below.  A future enhancement to this technology will include a “Dynamic Excluder” which will give a commercial fisherman the ability to automatically sort their catch from above (i.e. removing endangered species or under-aged fish).  With a global average of 25% of all catches being undesirable or prohibited species and an estimated 80% of the world’s fisheries being over-fished, this technology is under active evaluation by International Fisheries Regulators worldwide.  AGES has been involved with this technology since early stages and is a minority owner in the company. 


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